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Getting Fit For Scleral Lenses

What To Expect

The fitting process is fairly straight forward from the patient’s perspective. When you come to Obrig contact lenses to be fit with scleral lenses we will first listen to your previous lens challenges and concerns. We will then take all the necessary measurements to decide which type of scleral lens will be best for your eyes.

We then place a pair of lenses on your eyes with a yellow coloring to help us asses the proper fit. Once we have a satisfactory fit, we let the lenses settle for about twenty minutes. At this point, most patients barely feel the lenses on their eyes.

Once the lenses are in a settled state, we re-evaluate the fit and needed vision correction.

The first visit and initial fitting usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour.  After the visit, we will put all the pieces together and start designing your custom scleral contact lens.

At the second visit, you will be instructed how to properly apply and remove your new lenses as well as how to properly take care of them. Fit and vision will be confirmed and you can leave wearing your new lenses. An initial wearing schedule will be given to you as well as all the cleaning and care solutions.

A third follow-up visit will be scheduled to ensure you and your eyes are satisfied with the lenses. If any adjustments need to be made, it is usually discovered at the follow-up visit. It is not uncommon to need adjustments to the fit or vision for these or any other style of contact lens. That is why at Obrig we do not charge for every visit. You will only be billed an initial fitting fee as well as the cost of the lenses. If we have to exchange lenses or require extra follow-up care, you will not be billed again.

Scleral lens fittings are generally performed by Steve Cogger on Mondays and Tuesdays in our office at 209 East 56 th St, New York, NY.

Call to schedule your appointment 212-758-0973